Restorative Dentistry

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Our teeth are an extremely important part of our anatomy, helping us to bite and chew our food, form, and pronounce words. Not to mention, our teeth give our face definition and structure. Unfortunately, we only get two sets of teeth during our lifetime, and our infant teeth only last us for just a few of our earliest years.

Therefore, it is extremely important that we do everything in our power to retain our natural teeth as long as possible. For most of us, brushing and flossing daily is made part of our routine from an early age. However, sometimes even our best efforts are not enough and over time, damage and disease can still occur, affecting the functionality and beauty of our teeth. When this happens, Dr. Greg Manning at Dentistry at Power Ranch in Gilbert, AZ will recommend a group of treatments that fall into the category of ‘restorative dentistry’.

What is restorative dentistry and who is it suitable for?

Restorative dentistry is the term used to describe the study, examination and treatment of diseases that affect the mouth, teeth and all supporting structures. It tends to be used to describe patients who require multi-faceted care in order to completely restore both the function and appearance of their teeth. This can include patients who:

  • have a great deal of damage to their teeth, usually as a result of extensive decay, acid erosion (caused by GERD), periodontal disease or other oral problems
  • have suffered trauma to the face, mouth, teeth or jaw
  • have been diagnosed with sleep apnea
  • have problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • suffer from developmental conditions including cleft lip/palate
  • have been diagnosed with cancer of the head/neck/oral cavity and have had surgery or radiotherapy
  • have been born with, or developed, a facial deformity
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What procedures may be included in a restorative dentistry treatment plan?

Restorative dentistry is based upon the individual needs of each specific patient. As such, the procedures and therapies needed can vary from person to person. We will most likely recommend combining multiple treatments in order to secure the patient the best possible outcome from their care.

There are four main types of dental materials used to restore teeth. These are porcelain, amalgam, composite resin, and gold. Which material you choose will depend on the aesthetics of your restoration and should be discussed with Dr. Manning during your consultation appointment.

Some of the most commonly seen restorative dental procedures include:

  • Bridges
  • Cavity fillings
  • Crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Gum and bone grafting
  • Invisalign®
  • Onlays and Inlays
  • Orthodontic braces
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Root canal
  • Teeth whitening

Your exact restoration program will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Dr. Manning has the experience, knowledge and skill to be able to deliver first class restorative dentistry to patients in and around our offices in Gilbert, AZ. To find our more, or to arrange a consultation, call Dentistry at Power Ranch today at 480-405-1300.