Dental Crowns and Bridges

dental crowns and bridges

If you have recently lost a permanent tooth, you may be looking at your options for tooth replacement. There are a variety of different choices that you can make, and some have more benefits than others. Unfortunately, many people simply choose not to replace that tooth, and that is one of the things that we caution strongly against.

When your teeth are in place, they help to hold the neighboring teeth in their proper alignment. A single missing tooth can have a negative impact on the alignment of all of the other teeth. While the teeth are anchored into the bone, they can still tend to drift or twist toward the newly open space. This effect can continue throughout your mouth, causing misalignments, gaps, and even other missing teeth.

Fortunately, the friendly staff at Dentistry at Power Ranch are well versed in all of your possible options for tooth replacement. Call today to schedule an appointment so we can review your case and help you determine which options are best for you. One solution for many patients is the use of dental crowns and bridges. To prepare you for an appointment, we created this guide to let you understand the basics.

What are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns are frequently used to help cover and protect a damaged tooth. They are frequently used in the case of a root canal or chipped and cracked teeth. Crowns can be very useful because they allow the natural tooth and root to stay intact in your mouth and securely anchored into the bone underneath your gums. A crown is a piece of dental equipment that is custom-designed to fit your mouth. The crown looks feel, and functions just like your natural teeth so nobody else knows that you have had dental work.

Bridges are often used in conjunction with crowns. A bridge is also a custom created piece of dental work that fits in your mouth. The bridge is designed so that a false tooth is placed in between two crowns. The crowns fit over your natural teeth, with the false tooth that fits securely into the space left by a missing permanent tooth. In essence, the crowns help to hold the false tooth in place between them. Bridges must be custom designed so that they help to hold gentle pressure on the neighboring teeth so that they do not twist or shift into a gap.

The Procedure

In order to be fitted with a bridge, there is some initial preparation that must take place. First, the two neighboring teeth must be trimmed down slightly to allow for a crown to fit over the top of them without feeling bulky or changing the bite pattern in your mouth. Once these teeth are prepared, precise measurements are taken that allow us to create your custom-fitted bridge and crowns. This process ensures that you will not have gaps or ill-fitting replacement teeth that do not look natural.

While you wait for the bridge to be made and arrive, you will be fitted with temporary crowns to protect the teeth that have been prepared. Once the bridge has arrived, you will come back into the office where we will conduct a dry fitting to ensure that everything is properly adjusted. Once our staff is happy with the fit, the crowns will be cemented into place, and you will have a beautiful smile again!


If you are considering your options for tooth replacement, contact Dentistry at Power Ranch in Gilbert, AZ today (480) 405-1300. Our professional staff can review your condition and identify the right approach for you. See the difference that we can make.